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  1. Migrating Cockbox to Native ZFS Root With Encryption and Minimal Downtime

    By vc

    Cockbox, the VPS provider I started back in June of this year, has been operating swimmingly thus far. Unfortunately things over at haven't been so great. I learned the hard way that hardware-based RAID is the devil, but that's a post for another day. The problem here is …

  2. How to Get All of the DNCLeaks E-mails in Your Inbox

    By vc


    The DNCLeaks archive of 22,456 internal e-mails from the Democratic National Committee could be the tipping point of this election. There are countless findings inside, detailing all kinds of corruption and misleading of the public. But this isn't a post about the contents of the archive, this is a …

  3. J.Crew Clothing Company is Selling Your Data

    By vc

    J.Crew is a clothing and accessory retailer with 300 stores in the United States. As it turns out, they are also big fans of selling private data of their customers to the highest bidder. I was recently contacted by a trusted source with evidence that there is a connection …

  4. My E-mail Setup

    By vc

    It shouldn't come at any surprise that I'm an avid user of E-mail. Indeed, over the last year I've sent and received 26,014 e-mails, not including mailing list E-mails or spam. It's my third most-used application next to my browser and terminal emulator, so I've spent a lot of …

  5. Blog Restored

    By vc

    This blog has been restored from copies of my posts on Images and links older than this post may be broken :\

  6., China, and Censorship

    By vc


    There’s been a small number of touching moments running, like when I found out about a couple that met due to the site. There’s some weird unintended consequences of running a cock-related E-mail service, and a message I received a little while ago takes the cake …

  7. Introducing Policyd, Spam filtering, and Backup MX

    By vc


    It’s been a busy week for

    Near the beginning of the mail server, there was an influx of users registered from Ghana that had a field day pumping out spam using accounts. They were identified and banned, but more kept coming. It eventually became so …
  8. by the Numbers

    By vc

    One of my favorite parts of is doing analytics on the data and making cool graphs. This post is a compilation of said cool graphs.




    Most of the drops here are from restarting dovecot, but a couple of them are real downtime




    The outliers are usually some type …

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