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  1. Announcing Good Shitposter: Better Frens, Better Posts

    By vc

    I'm pleased to announce the start of a new project that aims to improve the mental health of netizens in the greater imageboard culture. It's called "Good Shitposter", and its members are working to organize information to educate people on the effects of community subversion and give people resources to …

  2. 36C3 Staff Brutally Assaulted Me for Political Reasons

    By vc

    On Saturday night (Sunday morning) at around 4:30AM my friend and I were the victim of a brutal assault that was started, escalated, and carried out by the most senior members of the Orga group of the Chaos Communication Congress. If it were not for the evidence we collected …

  3. Using Image Recognition to Find Bird Posters That Don't Post Enough Birds

    By vc


    I got mad love for bird twitter. I follow several hundred bird accounts, mostly found through the suggestion box. Once Twitter knows you're down with birds, it's all it'll recommend you until you've exhausted a vast swath of bird twitter. I've spent longer than I'd like to admit just going …

  4. SoundCloud: Good for Music, Bad for Transparency

    By vc


    It seems SoundCloud, the German-headquartered music and audio distribution platform, isn't such a fan of people using its site to defend free speech or transparency, even when such uses comply with the laws of Germany and the country of every party involved in recordings posted on its site. Or at …

  5. Blog Migrated to Pelican

    By vc

    I've decided to make the move from WordPress to pelican, a static HTML content generator for my blog. I've done this for two reasons.

    The first is security: it's not necessary for what is essentially static content to be handled by a 420k LoC PHP application. I doubt I'll ever …

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