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Category: Meta

I've decided to make the move from WordPress to pelican, a static HTML content generator for my blog. I've done this for two reasons.

The first is security: it's not necessary for what is essentially static content to be handled by a 420k LoC PHP application. I doubt I'll ever write 420k lines of anything on this blog. It's not that I think WordPress is insecure, I've been running it with only the one theme and Akismet plugin for spam protection which has proven reasonably secure in recent years. It's that static HTML is inherently more secure than a behemoth of a web application -- it's a lot less to worry about.

The second is a lot simpler: I like writing posts in vim, and with Pelican I can edit posts in rst or markdown just fine.

The downside of this is that comments are disabled. Sorry, I sure did love them.